Web Hosting

Web Hosting

You got your website, but you need a home for your website. Let us help you bring your website a secure and hassle-free place to live. Canada Hostings is our online partner for all your hosting needs. Click on the image on the left site or the link below to get there.

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Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Own a virtual server and host your website your-self

Domain Names Registration

A domain name is a human readable special form of text string that brings you to establish your online presence. Domains can be a good way to create a business identity. If your business is a computer designing related, you can have a domain name "mydesignmarket.com". By having a domain name, you will have your email address under your domain name. For instance, "info@mydesignmarket.com".


SSL is stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a standard security technology protocol developed for sending sensitive data (Credit card numbers, social insurance numbers, login credentials) securely over the internet.