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In online marketing, there is nothing that feels as good as typing in your keywords and finding yourself at the top of Google’s search engine results pages. With W3 MediaExperts direction and continued effort from our SEO Calgary services, you can get there, and we want to help! W3 MediaExperts is one of the leading SEO Companies in Calgary, Alberta. Thanks to the ability to offer all our clients the most effective SEO strategies, skills and tools we have learned the ability to take business entities from rock bottom to the first pages of Google’s results as well as other top search engines.

Your Online Visibility

 Let’s curb some expectations here though. SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. There are 207 unique factors Google uses to determine which pages belong on the first page of the results. We have some control of nearly 70 of these, the rest how ever are a closely guarded secret. There are many stages to a successful SEO campaign so of the bigger highlights include the following: Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, Keyword Mapping, On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, Link Building, Conversion Rate Optimization, Analytics, and Reporting. We generally like to state that a fully complete and successful search engine optimization campaign can run 12 – 18 months, and even longer if your specific niche or vertical has significant competition. We would be thrilled to discuss this further with you, so please contact us and we can set up a meeting to talk about the wonderful world of SEO in our Calgary office.

Staying at the top of Google and other search engines is the key to running a successful online or even an offline business and this can significantly boost your traffic as well as sales. Our team of SEO professionals at our Calgary SEO agency, is always dedicated towards employing the most recent strategies in ensuring you stay ahead of your competitors. We have done it over the years with different firms in Canada, United States, India and Hong Kong and we can do it for you. Call us right now!

SEO content creation

In order to rank highly in Google and other search engines, your content and number of people linking to that content ought to be of the highest quality. Our team of SEO professionals will ensure your website is updated with high quality content in order to get it where you need to be. With the help of text, videos, photos and other relevant aspects, we can create the most relevant content for your website that is in accordance with Google’s latest algorithms. This can be fun and exciting.

Prices are on monthly basis. Minimum 3 months should be purchased in order to begin the SEO. 

We use ethical and White Hat SEO techniques

Our search engine optimization practices are ethical. We only make use of White Hat techniques in order to ensure that Google doesn’t blacklist your website. With the help of persistent and diverse SEO strategies, our team of professionals is always looking at offering our clients with the highest quality of SEO services that significantly improve their ranking in the Google Search Results.

If you are in Calgary and are looking for an SEO company that will send your business to the top of Google Search Results, look no further than W3 Media Experts.

So Why Do I need SEO Anyway?

Having a beautiful website is fantastic, but if no one is finding it, other than those you gave the URL to, it is essentially useless to your business goals. SEO involves getting your website to the front page of Google and ideally in the top three results. If the right keywords are selected and we reach this goal it can mean the difference between your company growing exponentially and the constant struggle to find new visitors, clients and consumers.

There are many paths to getting qualified traffic to your website all of which have different levels of effort and budget required. SEO is a long term investment that can pay off significantly more than other channels but, it requires a qualified team, quality content, and some patience as it can take 2 weeks to 6 months to show appreciable results. We suggest the time frame for a successful SEO campaign to be at the very minimum 6 months in length with our most successful clients being at least a year or 18 months. SEO is a marathon not a sprint.