What Makes us Different Than The Other SEO Services?

What Makes us Different Than The Other SEO Services?

We pride ourselves on being different then the other “set and forget” SEO agencies. We want to out-teach our competition and explain EXACTLY what our process is, with tons of deliverable items so you can understand fully the scope of work to be completed and the exact steps we are going to take.

Our SEO service differs from the rest in one other major way. Link building agencies or extremely cheap SEO services claim that they can target 10’s or even 100’s of keywords. If those services want to provide quality and lasting results, this is simply a lie and can actually hurt SEO rankings rather than help. Link building is an art and requires the building of a very strong brand presence mean nearly 90% of the links we build in the first month or two of service contain nothing but your brand terms or a naked URL to your web site. Following this branding exercise we then build some links to internal pages ensuring all of the link juice that passes through our links is not just directly to the homepage or main domain name.

Once this foundation has been built and we have seen some forward movement due to just the “On-Page” changes we have made to your site and our branding authority, then, and only then do we start building any links with keywords within their anchor text. On top of those intelligent restrictions in our link building efforts we only target a very small number of keywords and page combos as shown under the “Pages” and “Keywords” headings in the pricing table below. Doing things this way allows us to see results for the specific keywords that we have decided bring you the most qualified traffic that will likely turn into sales or customers. We allow you to change your target keywords and pages once a month but we will decide based on the previous months gain whether that is a good idea or not. If you have questions about this process or why things are done this way please feel free to contact us we would be delighted to teach you anything you would like to learn about SEO or our process.

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